7th and 8th Grade Math


  • Homework for 7th and 8th Grade Math:


    Pd 1-2: Complete worksheet on rational fractions. Due Fri 1/18

    Pd 3:  Complete worksheet #9-14 on slope-intercept.  Due Fri 1/18

    Pd 5-6: same as 1-2

    Pd 7-8: Same as 1-2







    1. Follow directions the first time given.
    2. Come to class prepared with all materials.
    3. No teasing or cursing. Respect other students.
    4. Raise your hand to leave the classroom.
    5. Be in the classroom and seated when the bell rings.


    Corrective Actions:


    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Conference with Student/Re-Training Session after school (20 min)
    3. Lunch Detention


    Grading Procedures:


    85% Tests and Quizzes

    10% Homework (usually given 2-3 times per week)

    5% Weekly Review Exercises



    What you need for class: notebook, textbook and pencil. You may bring your own calculator to class, or one may be provided for you.


    Please check the website for homework updates.

    Grades will be updated on the website once a week. Feel free to contact me with problems or concerns.

    Mr. Beiter

    570-784-9100 ext. 5210


    For Unit Tests: Test corrections are allowed. You can earn half of your points back by doing corrections on a separate sheet of paper.


    Re-tests and Re-quizzes are available. They can help raise your grade (up to an 85%).