A Message from Superintendent Dr. Wheeler

  • With Governor Wolf’s closure of schools for the remainder of the academic year, there are many questions regarding the close of the 2019-2020 school year.   Please click here to review a summary of our continuity of education plan and other frequently asked questions regarding the school closure.  Please note to the right of this message is a video update from Jerome Manley, our secondary Principal of Programs, who narrates our summary.

    Over the past three weeks our focus has been on reaching out to each of our families and to develop a framework that provides our students and staff with clear goals and targets while being adaptable to our unprecedented circumstances.  Through our conversations we have realized that the best thing we can do is provide a sense of structure in a time of uncertainty and a social outlet for our kids to connect with their teachers and their classmates.   Teaching and learning is the foundation of what we do.  However, in the midst of a global pandemic our focus on human connection and using our passion for young people and providing a framework for communication is our most worthy role.

    All of our teachers have been reaching out to each of their students individually this week to provide an update on course grades and opportunities to improve individual grades and to participate in enrichment activities.  Given the depth of the conversations, our teachers will continue their outreach next week for students they have yet to contact.  We have asked our teachers to develop enrichment activities that reflect how they would teach if there were no tests and there were no grades. We truly believe our teacher’s passion and mastery of their content and their profession will provide a sense of purpose in a national time of pause.

    It is not our goal to add additional stress to any student or family. It is our promise and pledge to each of you that if you are willing to work with us, we will work with you to finish the 2019-2020 school year in as positive a light as we can, while doing everything we can to ensure we are all ready to welcome next school year primed and ready for re-discovering our success and re-connecting to our friends.

    We will plan to provide weekly narrative and video updates to our plan and practices and post them on this site.

    Thank you.

5.14.20- Class of 2020