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    Social Studies


    We Belong to Many Groups

    o   Various groups in which we belong

    o   How our community helps meet our basic needs

    o   The importance of rules and laws

    o   How cooperation helps the community

    Where We Live

    o   How people interact with their environment

    o    Food production

    o    How many people work together each day to help provide what we need to enjoy our lives

    We All Work Together

    o   Identify goods and services

    o   Distinguish goods from services

    Being a Good Citizen

    o   Responsibilities of American citizens

    o   How national symbols, landmarks, traditions, and role models represent our nation

    People in Time and Places

    o   People who created our country

    o   Diversity among America

    o   Emphasis on family heritage and culture throughout history




       Students will also practice various map skills throughout the year.

Last Modified on August 18, 2014