Dear Parent/Parents,                                                               September, 2019

              I would like to introduce myself to you and describe the Title I schoolwide reading program in first and second grade at Memorial Elementary.

    My name is Dr. Beishline and I am the Title I Reading Specialist who works with students in all the first grade classrooms and two of the second grade classrooms. I provide additional  reading support to students based on assessments and observations your child’s teacher and I conduct during the first few weeks of school. Your child has a core (basic) reading class with his/her teacher every day.  As a reading specialist, I supplement and reinforce reading instruction, working with students in small groups during the guided reading block of time.

    The classroom teachers and I meet weekly to plan and discuss the needs of students. Your child’s teacher and I also work on the reading section of the report card together because we teach reading to your child as a team. You will also be sent  progress reports during the year.  I would be glad to meet with you at your convenience or speak with you on the phone (784-7885) to discuss your child’s progress or to provide reading advice/strategies at any time.

    If you are interested in visiting/observing during this extra support time, just let me know and I will arrange it. Learning to read in first and second grade is an exciting and wonderful time for children and parents. Working together we can help your child succeed in first grade and in the future.


    Dr. Lou Jean Beishline

    Reading Specialist

    Memorial Elementary School