•  Class rules:

    No one may interfere with the learning process.

     No cell phone use when class is in session.


    Expectations for the student:

    Students should come prepared to work every day and give the best effort for that day.

    Class begins when the bell rings; students will be seated and ready to proceed with the class at that time.  If a student is late, a pass from a teacher or staff member is required.

     If students have Surface Pros out, it is strongly suggested they use them for note taking, not game playing/internet surfing.

    Expectations for the teacher:

    The teacher will come prepared to work daily by preparing organized, effective lessons and labs and give the best effort for that day.


    General Standard Operating Guideline


    Question sets and lab reports are due the moment your class starts and will be collected at that time. Homework will be reviewed at the beginning of class; a short quiz will be given at the end of the class period on the homework material most days. Any indication of rote copying either inside or outside room 114 will mean a grade of zero.



    Absences are unavoidable at times. Students are responsible for any work during that absence.  Any assignment due during an absence must be handed in to receive credit.  Unless other arrangements are made, all assignments are due the second day after returning from an absence.  

    Any quiz or exam missed during an absence must be made up within three days of the absence to receive credit.