Bloomsburg High School Graduates of Distinction


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    Inducted in 2001


    Paul C. Foote  (1924) 


    Bloomsburg State College         

    ·         invented the zoom lens for Hollywood cameras still used today for television and motion pictures

    ·         helped design optical equipment for the Apollo space program in the early 1960's

    ·         wrote three books and various articles on his research



    Frank J. Golder  (1926) 


    Bloomsburg State College

    ·         contributed greatly to the education and welfare of students and the community of  Bloomsburg as a whole

    ·         founded Little League baseball in Bloomsburg in 1938

    ·         started the baseball program at Bloomsburg High School in 1946

    ·         elected chairman of PIAA District 4

    ·         inducted into Bloomsburg University's Hall of Fame in 1988



    Edward C. Keller  (1950) 


    Penn State University; University of North Carolina

    ·         did post-doctoral work in biochemical genetics and statistics at West Virginia University

    ·         wrote more than 150 publications

    ·         co-founded the Foundation for Science and Disabilities and Science Education for Students with Disabilities in the 1970's which helps disabled students achieve academic success

    ·         selected a Distinguished Science Educator by the NSTA

    ·         inducted into the Hall of Fame for Persons with Disabilities



    Rodney C. Kelchner  (1952) 


    Bloomsburg State College

    ·         led the improvements to Mansfield University which kept the university open

    ·         served on an NCAA governing board of college presidents for Divisions I, II, III

    ·         selected president of Mansfield University (1983-1998)



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    Inducted in 2002



    Barbara Babb (1969) 


    Cornell Law School

    ·         teaches family law at the University of Baltimore School of Law

    ·         created a court division in Maryland dedicated exclusively to family issues

    ·         created the Center for Families, Children, and the Courts at the University of Baltimore



    John Douglas Klingerman  (1961) 


    University of Maryland

    ·         owns JDK Management which manages over 50 business including local nursing homes, hotels and restaurants that employ over 4,000 people in 5 states

    ·         involved with a church-run charitable organization that helps local people



    Inducted in 2003


    Eileen Albertson Chapman  (1963) 

    LEGAL PIONEER        

    Bloomsburg State College; Marshall Wythe School of Law at the College of William and Mary; The National Law Center; the George Washington University; The Naval War College; US Marine Corps

    ·         worked as the only female lawyer in the Marine Corps 1972-1975

    ·         presided as the first woman trial military judge and appellate military judge in the Navy and Marines

    ·         named the first woman president, Department of Naval Clemency and Parole Board

    ·         retired after 30 years as a colonel in the US Marines



    Ed Schuyler, Jr.  (1953 ) 


    Washington and Lee      

    ·         reported sports for the Associated Press from 1960 - 2002

    ·         considered one of the top horse racing experts in the country

    ·         won the Nat Fleishman Award in 1980 for excellence in boxing journalism

    ·         selected AP national boxing writer from 1970-2002



    Roy D. Snyder, Jr.  (1945) 


    Georgetown Law School; US Navy

    ·         retired Navy admiral

    ·         worked closely with the Pentagon and Congress

    ·         retired as an admiral in the US Navy


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    Inducted in 2004



    Thomas C. Cox  (1954) 


    Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science; US Army

    ·         helped to develop flame retardants for upholstery, chemicals that prevent odors in clothes, and a moth-proofing agent that is applied permanently to wool fabric

    ·         recognized as an authority in fiber chemistry; has 2 US patents

    ·         helped to create Stainmaster carpet for DuPont in 1985

    ·         worked in his South Carolina community helping prisoners earn their high school equivalency diploma



    Sarah Jane “Salty” Ferguson (1953) 


    Career and work-force professional

    ·         played right-fielder for the Rockford Peaches, an All-American Girls Professional Baseball League team based in Illinois

    ·         recognized with a signed baseball and a name plaque in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY

    ·         appears briefly at the end of the 1992 movie "A League of Their Own"

    ·         encourages character development as a motivational speaker

    ·         inspires participation in women's athletics



    Harry L. Magee (1920)


    Career and work-force professional

    ·         managed the Bloomsburg carpet factory called Magee Carpet from 1940 - 1966 as one of central Pennsylvania's leading industrialists

    ·         managed the Magee Carpet which employed up to 3,000 workers at one time

    ·         began a radio station in Bloomsburg (WHLM)

    ·         shared his money for community projects like the expansion of the Bloomsburg Hospital

    ·         started the Town of Bloomsburg's airport


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    Inducted in 2005



    Harry Hoffman, Jr.  (1960) 


    US Naval Academy

    ·         flew 200 combat missions in Vietnam as a Navy jet pilot

    ·         shot down with minor injuries; awarded the Purple Heart

    ·         admitted to Mensa (IQ in top 2% of the population)

    ·         presented his medical research pertaining to spinal injuries among pilots forced to eject from plane cockpits to NATO

    ·         selected by NASA for astronaut training in the early 1970's



    Douglas Rhone  (1958)


    Alexian Brothers Hospital School of Nursing, Benedictine University, University of Illinois, College of Medicine at University of Illinois

    ·         recognized as a top physician in the Chicago metropolitan area

    ·         named the chief pathologist at Illinois Masonic Medical Center

    ·         researched incompatible blood types between mothers and fathers which led to the development of a vaccine now used to prevent disease in newborns

    ·         researched the source of enzymes found in blood which has allowed hospital laboratories to identify what specific organ in the human body is diseased

    ·         founded and developed the largest pathology reference laboratory in Chicago



    Harry Shuman  (1936) 


    Mansfield State College; Wayne State University; US Army

    ·         toured in the 1940's with the Big Bands  (Jimmy Dorsey and Woody Herman)

    ·         recorded with Bing Crosby

    ·         played at the Hollywood Palladium

    ·         inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame and Museum in Sharon, PA along with the other members of The Skylarks, also known as the Velvetones and the Blue Moods

    ·         organized the weekly Music in the Park series in the Town of Bloomsburg


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    Inducted in 2006



    Merrill A. Deitrich (1938) 


    Bloomsburg State College; University of Pennsylvania; Wharton School; US Marine Corps

    ·         enlisted in Marines in World War II

    ·         trained as a fighter pilot

    ·         worked as a financial executive with Ford Motor Company for 20 years

    ·         started and managed the Ford credit companies in Europe, Latin America and the Pacific region where foreign customers could finance new vehicles



    Roland R. Eveland  (1947) 


    University of Memphis; US Air Force

    ·         retired as a first lieutenant in the Air Force

    ·         successfully integrated the middle school in Memphis, Tennessee while he was the principal in the 1960's

    ·         involved at the community level with YMCA, Boy Scouts of America, Little League, and in his church



    John E. Palevich  (1951) 

    CIA OPERATIVE         

    US Army

    ·         enlisted in the US Army

    ·         worked as an undercover CIA officer during the Cold War

    ·         worked for the CIA for more than 35 years

    ·         helped to recruit spies from the Soviet KGB to be spies for the US



    Joan Marie Leiby Jenks  (1963) 


    University of Pennsylvania

    ·         started a hospice for the homeless in Philadelphia in 1998

    ·         wrote or contributed to numerous books and professional articles

    ·         taught medical-surgical courses, including critical care nursing and professional issues in nursing

    ·         works as a nurse for a non-profit hospice agency; cares for people with terminal illnesses in their homes


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    Inducted in 2007
    No Induction Ceremony due to renovations
    Inducted in 2008

    No Induction Ceremony due to renovations

    Inducted in 2009


    No Induction Ceremony due to renovations

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    Inducted in 2010



    Jill Lynne Byrem (Lacy J. Dalton) (1964)


    Career and work-force professional/Entertainer

    ·         toured with Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams Jr., and Charlie Daniels

    ·         selected country music's top new artist in 1979

    ·         writes songs and produces her own CDs

    ·         works to protect the wild ponies in Nevada



    George Keller (1916)


    Columbia University

    ·         worked as an art teacher at Bloomsburg State College

    ·         donated a husky as the first mascot at Bloomsburg State College in 1933

    ·         trained lions, tigers and bears at his home near Lightstreet

    ·         presented his animal show at Atlantic City and Disneyland

    ·         toured with Ringling Brothers Circus, playing at Madison Square Garden





    Inducted in 2011



    David H. McCormick (1983)


    US Military Academy at West Point; Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University; US Army

    ·         served in the first Gulf War

    ·         served as Under Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Security

    ·         served as Deputy National Security Advisor to the President for International Economic Affairs

    ·         joined the US Treasury as Under Secretary for International Affairs from 2007 - 2009

    ·         recognized as the Distinguished Service Professor of Information Technology, Public Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon University



    Richard L. Robbins (1980)


    Bloomsburg University; West Chester University; University of Nevada

    ·         serves as Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Bucknell University

    ·         nationally and internationally published author

    ·         national consultant on issues in higher education

    ·         member of the Editorial Board for peer reviewed NACADA Journal

    ·         certified parapsychologist



    Maurice B. Stein  (1954)


    Brandeis University

    ·         inducted into Athletic Hall of Fame at Brandeis University

    ·         selected as the chairperson of the American Camping Foundation

    ·         served with Midnight Run, a group that feeds the homeless

    ·         owned and directed Camp Echo Lake, a week-long scholarship camping program for disadvantaged children


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    Inducted in 2012



    Robert J. Coladonato (1964)


    Clarkson College of Technology; University of Maryland

    ·         employed by NASA at the Goddard Space Flight Center for 33 years

    ·         became the Chief Engineer for the Structural Loads and Analysis Branch at Goddard Space Flight Center

    ·         recognized as an expert in structural testing, analysis, and design for spacecraft and instrument systems

    ·         received the NASA Exceptional Service Medal



    Donna J. Coombe (1962)


    Career and workforce professional

    ·         elected District Justice for Town of Bloomsburg, Montour Township and Scott Township from 1982 – 2009

    ·         recognized for her efforts in support of highway safety programs

    ·         worked on alternatives for dealing with first-time underage drinkers

    ·         began Columbia County Law Day, a day set aside for students to learn about the law and see court in action



    Duane R. Greenly (1968)


    Bloomsburg University; Morehead University

    ·         led growth in several businesses, including Ames True Temper

    ·         holds two patents

    ·         established a community garden which donates food to local food banks

    ·         awarded the Massachusetts Governor’s Award of Excellence for Lean Manufacturing


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    Inducted in 2013




    Gloria Marks VanCleave (1947)


    The University of Texas at Austin; U.S. Navy  

    ·         elected as first civilian to receive the Civilian Superior Achievement Award from the United States Navy, Point Magu Naval Missile Center, CA

    ·         nominated for United States Navy’s Federal Woman of the Year

    ·         developed computers in fighter aircraft during the Vietnam War

    ·         founded and owned “The LOG,” a Texas newspaper

    ·         contributed as an active member of the Institute of Electrical Engineering and the American Legion



    Thomas James (1966)


    Dickinson College; Dickinson School of Law; University of Nevada

    ·         elected as Judge at the Court of Common Pleas

    ·         honored by the Boy Scouts of America as an Eagle Scout and a member of the Scouting Heritage Society

    ·         served in numerous community organizations, including Columbia-Montour Mental Health, Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble, Columbia County United Way, and Bloomsburg Hospital Board of Directors

    ·         contributed pro bono legal work for numerous charitable and religious organizations


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    Inducted in 2014


    Sam Bidleman (1972)


    Bloomsburg State College


    ·         served 33 years as a Bloomsburg educator and leader of Red and White, Prometheus, and yearbook

    ·         elected Pennsylvania School Press Association Teacher of the Year 2003

    ·         awarded Lifetime Achievement Award, Journalism Education Association 2012

    ·         coordinated Angel Dance and Tree Fest at inception

    ·         inspired / developed Graduates of Distinction for the Bloomsburg Area School District



    Donna Hileman Slack (1960)


    Abington Memorial Hospital School of Nursing


    ·         volunteered for over 40 years with Davis Corner Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad and the City of Virginia Beach Department of Emergency Medical Services

    ·         awarded Virginia EMT Instructor of the Year 1989

    ·         received the 2010 R.C. Dailey Award for excellence in EMS from the Tidewater EMS Council (highest regional EMS award)

    ·         awarded Health Care Hero Award for Excellence in EMS 2010



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    Inducted in 2015

    Isabel P. Tarr (1959)


    Career and Workplace Professional


    ·         led community efforts against racism and discrimination

    ·         co-chaired the Task Force on Racial Equity for 20 years

    ·         advocated for better understanding in diversity

    ·         provided diversity training based on facts and truths regarding hate groups



    Dr. Richard A. Nesbitt (1972)


    Bucknell University, Northeast Missouri State University, Thomas Jefferson University


    ·         practiced medicine as a hometown doctor who was both loved and respected by his patients, staff, and peers

    ·         awarded Mitrani Foundation Scholarship for his doctoral degree

    ·         established volunteer education to nurses for advanced life support and emergency room nurse training

    ·         created hospital procedures and patient protocol still in use today as Geisinger Bloomsburg Hospital


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