• I grew up in the Bloomsburg Area and have now settled in the surrounding area with my family. I live with Mr. Lombardo and our two children, Lily and Julian, as well as our dog and two cats. I spent several years as a classroom Language Arts teacher working with students in grades 7-12 before beginning work on my master's degree and school counseling certificate. I became an official part of the Bloomsburg School District family in 2019 when I started as the school counselor at Memorial Elementary School. My favorite part of being a school counselor is the variety of the job. I interact with students in times of wonderful celebration, and also support them in triumphing over difficult obstacles. No two days are ever the same, much like students. I enjoy learning about each student's unique strengths and needs and working with them throughout the school year. 

    Outside of school, I am a reader with an immense love of books and not enough places to store them. I also enjoy being outdoors, hiking and exploring, gardening, and visiting community parks with my children.