• Welcome to the Beginning Band Page!

    Welcome to the Bloomsburg Area Beginning Band Program! I look forward to starting your child toward a rewarding experience and many years of enjoyment.  

    On this webpage, you will find information about obtaining an instrument and getting started in our band program. Please see the following information below and contact me should you have any questions or concerns.

    To rent an instrument through the rent to own program, please go to: Robert W Side Music

  • About the Beginning Band Program

    Beginning Band Instruction is only offered in the fifth grade. Students attend weekly pull-out classes in small groups and weekly band rehearsals. Instruments offered include: flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, horn, trombone, baritone, tuba and percussion.  

    Throughout the small group lessons and full band rehearsals, students focus on many skills and techniques necessary for their growth as a musician. They learn to play their instrument with proper breath support, embouchure development, tone quality, aural skills, intonation, instrument technique, music reading, listening skills, ensemble playing and teamwork. Students will also learn appropriate rehearsal and concert etiquette. 

  • Beginning Band Open House/Rental Night

    The rental night will be held on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 from 5:45 PM to 8:00 PM located at Memorial Elementary School. 

    Please use this link to signup for a time slot: https://bit.ly/Bloomband 

    We have a fantastic product called the “instrument try-out kit” that will allow the students to try mouthpieces for each wind and brass instrument. To ensure safety of students, we have created an online sign-up for time slots to attend our rental night in person. There are several time slots to choose from. There is a 10 student limit per session. This will allow us to come around to each student and help them as needed. This is when the students will experience creating their first sound and find which instrument feels most natural. The mouthpieces will be cleaned and sanitized between each session.

    Please use the following signup genius form to schedule your appointment: https://bit.ly/Bloomband OR go to my teacher page from your home computer or smart phone to access this link. If you have a trouble with the link or do not have internet access, please contact us for assistance.

    The rental night will run as follows:

    • The first 15 minutes will consist of a session with Mr. Marmo to discuss any questions regarding the beginning band program and experience the instrument try-out kits.
    • Following the first 15 minute session, you will move to another room to meet with the rental company to discuss their plans.

    Please remember, a small deposit will be needed to purchase an instrument.

    Please use the links in the drop down menu on the left for resources to help you practice!

    "Embrace the “offline” time. Your child’s ability to become a deep and complex person relies so much upon their ability to build their attention span.  In our lightning-fast digital world, children do not have enough opportunity to build understanding and intelligence through mindful solitary activities.  Musical instrument instruction facilitates this offline, “slow world” learning and brings children together in a unique, “unplugged” ensemble when they have band/orchestra/chorus class." - Anthony Mazzocchi

    Read more from Tony Mazzochi here: http://www.musicparentsguide.com/2015/08/11/a-beginning-of-year-welcome-letter-to-new-music-parents/#comments 


    It is never too late to join the beginning band program. Contact Mr. Marmo if you would like to join!