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    Honors Summer Work


    The website for the Creative Writing Club is now up and running!

    Check out the link below!

    BAHS Creative Writing Club


    Parents and students: Please read the syllabus for your class and sign the Syllabus Agreement that was distributed (or print it from the attached document if it has been misplaced). 



    Please be aware that some of our units include films such as The Freedom Writers, Romeo + Juliet, Dead Poets Society, The Most Dangerous Game, and The Chocolate War (Honors)I will send home an "Opt-out" form for movies that are rated R, and students will be given an alternate assignment. Please contact me with questions. 


    Classroom Policies  

    All devices, including phones, earbuds, and headphones must be put away before entering the room.

    Specific instructions will be given when it is permissible to use devices.

    Students earn points towards their Citizenship grades by being prepared, respectful, on-task, and contributing to an overall positive learning environment.

    Points are deducted when those expectations are not met.

    Students may earn bonus points on their Citizenship grades for exemplary behavior and attitudes.


    In the event that a student has disrupted the learning process, he/she may be asked to leave the classroom and report to the office. Detentions will also be assigned for disruptive or disrespectful behavior. 


    Assignments and Deadlines

    Check Google Classroom regularly for material, assignments, deadlines, and the Google Calendar.

    In the event that a paper handout is provided, only one copy will be distributed. Additional copies must be printed by the student from the PDF provided on Google Classroom.

    Final deadlines will be enforced throughout the second semester; assignments may not be submitted for credit once the final deadline has passed.



    One of the best ways to reach me quickly is via email: cschultz@bloomsd.k12.pa.us


    Students and parents: Please sign up for Remind to receive text alerts about assignments and deadlines. Text the code for your class to the number 81010:

    Period 1 English 9: @ab335

    Period 2 English 9 Honors: @pd2en

    Period 3 English 9: @ab3359

    Period 4 English 9: @39cfh

    Period 8/9 English 9 Honors: @af6gh9

    Period 11 English 9: @period11en

    You can also follow these Instagram accounts for updates about events, contests, assignments, and other important information about the English classes, Student Council, and the Creative Writing Club:


    bahs _student_council



    As part of the Romeo and Juliet unit, your child is expected to conduct research on an aspect of Shakespeare’s life and compose a research essay using MLA 8 guidelines. While the research process will take place throughout the rest of this quarter, the grade for the final draft of the essay will be included in the fourth quarter.

    Please know that there will be opportunities for students to conduct research during the school day, but some of the research may have to be completed at home. All students have access to research tools via bloomhslibrary.com and resources posted in Google Classroom. Additionally, I will send reminders about important deadlines using the Remind app. I encourage you to ask your child for the codes for Google Classroom and the Remind app in order to more closely monitor his or her progress.

    Students will have opportunities to earn points for completing in-class activities throughout the research process. These activities are designed to improve their competency and comfort in conducting academic research, so it is important that students who miss class schedule time either before or after school to work with me.

    The final draft of the essay will be a significant part of the marking period grade, so I appreciate your support in keeping your son or daughter on track during this critical time in the school year.



       English 9

      Choose a book for your Independent Reading project!

       English 9 Honors

        Choose a book for your Independent Reading project!



    True Colors and Career Exploration

    Click on the link below to explore careers that fit your personality type! 



    Latin and Greek Roots Vocabulary Practice:

    Click the links below to practice!





    Check out the link below for paraphrasing practice:







    Below is a link that will take you to the full text of the play. If ever you are absent, you can keep up with the daily assigned sections by using this resource:




    Below are presentations for each Act and Scene of Romeo and Juliet. These presentations will help with reading comprehension and encourage critical thinking about the characters and plot.


    SUICIDE PREVENTION                             

    Since we are reading Romeo and Juliet, I briefly address the topic of suicide prevention in class. Below is one of my resources:  

    Suicide Prevention Lifeline

    The Trevor Project

    Financial and Social Resources for Homeless LGBTQ+ Youth

     Below is a link to the song "Sunrise", by Our Last Night, which centers around suicide prevention.  http://vimeo.com/83537406