• Memorial Elementary Physical Education

    Mr. Christian Golfieri




     Hello! I hope you are doing well, staying active, and staying healthy!

    During our time away from school, I will be posting all Physical Education resources in a program called Flipgrid. You can learn more about how we will be using Flipgrid to stay connected by watching the video posted above. If you are ready to get started, all you will need in order to log in is your school-issued email and password. I will be posting new resources, activities, and challenges in Flipgrid each week, so be sure to check back frequently! You can log in to our PE Flipgrid by clicking the Flipgrid tab to the left or by simply clicking the large green button below:

    Flipgrid | Empower Every Voice

    In an effort to make accessing and navigating our Flipgrid as simple as possible, I have included a brief "how-to" video and some frequently asked questions regarding participation in Flipgrid. After watching the video, if you are still having trouble accessing or navigating the program, email me and I will be happy to help!
    Flipgrid Frequently Asked Questions:
    • How do I access the Physical Education Flipgrid?
      • Gaining access is easy! Simply click on the link above and sign in using your Bloomsburg Area School District issued email and password. As a reminder, your email is the last two digits of your graduation year + your last name + @bloomsd.org.


    • If I post a picture or video, who will be able to see it?
      • The only people able to gain access to any information, photos, or videos posted on the Physical Education Flipgrid are those who have a Bloomsburg Area School District issued email address and password. This includes Memorial Elementary students and teachers.


    • Am I required to post photos or videos in Flipgrid?
      • Replying to a post in any way is optional and is not a requirement. While I encourage participation in order to help create a positive community environment, I value and respect you and your family’s privacy.


    • I posted a video, but I can’t see it. Did I do it right?
      • Yes! In order to maintain a positive, engaging, and appropriate online learning environment, all posts are set to be hidden from view until reviewed and approved by Mr. Golfieri. Once approved, posts will be viewable from any participating student or teacher with a Bloomsburg Area School District ID and password.
    Please contact me with any questions or concerns: