7th Grade Homework Page 

    Ms. Hoover
    7th Grade Life Science
    All Periods -

    1. Make sure you are caught up on all your work. Check Google Classroom for Daily Agendas, Homework, and upcoming assessments. 


    We are now using Google Classroom. Daily agendas and homework/quizzes/tests are all posted there. Your kiddo has all their information to log in to our classroom from any computer. Please let me know if you are having trouble logging in at home.


    Google Classroom Login:

    User name = Year of graduation + first initial + last name @bloomsd.org

                       Example: 24choover@bloomsd.org

    Password = 0 + student id #

                       Example: 02412345


    Mr. Mrozek-Math 2nd Marking Period:
    Periods 3-8-worksheet on evaluating algebraic expressions due 12/17/19.
    Periods 3-8-worksheet Code Line due 12/18/19.
    Periods 3-8-worksheet #186 due 12/19/19.
    Periods 3-8-no homework due 12/20/19.
    Periods 3-8-worksheet A-29 due 1/2/20.
    Periods 3-8-no homework due 1/3/20.
    Periods3-8-worksheet DD-14 with values for variables due 1/6/20.
    Periods 3-8-practice/study for a quiz on evaluating algebraic expressions on 1/7/20.
    Periods 3-8-no homework due on 1/8/20.
    Periods 3-8-worksheet on distributive property due 1/10/20.
    Periods 3-8-worksheet DD-17 due 1/13/20.
    Periods 3-8-worksheet DD-19 due 1/14/20.
    Periods 3-8-worksheet DD-20 due 1/15/20.
    Periods 3-8-worksheet on evaluating with distributive property due 1/16/20.
    Periods 3-8-worksheet DD-18 due 1/17/20.
    Periods 3-8-worksheet A-30 due 1/21/19.
    Periods 3-8-no homework due but a quiz on evaluating algebraic expressions on 1/22/20.
    Periods 3-8-no homework due 1/23/20.
    Periods 3-8-worksheet 199/200 on adding and subtracting one-step equations front and back due 1/24/20.
    Periods 3-8 worksheet 201/202 due 1/27/19.
     *Mrs. Mayse * English Language Arts *
    - Membean.com
       User name: first_last_bloom
       Password: 7 digit student number
    -45 minutes of Membean every other Friday
    -45 minutes of iReady practice is required each week 
    -Membean due January 24
    -Independent reading projects due January 22

    Mrs. Hintz- English Language Arts

    Daily agendas and homework are listed in Google Classroom. Please let me know if you are having trouble signing in at home.


    Log In :
    Year of Graduation + 1st Initial + Last Name  @bloomsd.org
    Example: 25mhintz@bloomsd.org
    0 + Student ID # 
    user name: first_last_bloom
    password: 7 digit student number
    Membean Assessment every other Friday.


    45 minutes of iReady practice is required each week.

    You can order books online here:


    Our class's book club code is: JTDH7

     Mrs. Higgins - Language Arts (Periods 4/5)

    Contact: ehiggins@bloomsd.k12.pa.us



    Week of November 19-22:
    • Membean this week: 45 minutes due by Friday (most done in class)
    • Membean Quiz Friday 11/22
    • Grammar Review Packet - will go over on Monday, November 25. Packet due date and Quiz are Tuesday, November 26!

    Please sign up for my Remind to get class assignments, updates, and other class information. 

    45 minutes of Membean due every other week! 30 minutes will be given in class, and you are responsible for the other 15 minutes outside of class. If you miss class due to a band lesson, appointment, absence, etc., you are responsible for making up the time.

    Log-in info: 

    Visit membean.com
    -Username: first_last_bloom 
    -Password:  7 digit student number 
    Next Membean Quiz and time due: Friday, November 22
    Ms. Drucker-- Math :)                               Happy Math Guy      
    Periods 3 and 4
    • Computation review due this Friday 11/15.

    • Do numbers 7, 9, 10, and 14 from word problems WS for
      Thursday 11/14.

    • Test on Solving Equations (including word problems) next 
      Wednesday 11/20.


    Periods 7 and 8

    • Computation review due this Friday 11/15.

    • No homework due Thursday 11/14.

    •  Test on Simplifying Expressions next Wednesday 11/20.
      Topics include Distributive Property, Factoring Expressions 
      (reverse distributive property), combining like terms, and 
      translating verbal expressions.

                                         Fore Comic




     Mr. Carr - History


    Make sure you have the first 4 questions done for tomorrow.