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    Science - Mrs. Sirota
    Happy Summer and I'll see you in August!
    Mrs. Mentzer
    30 March
    Week One Assignments:
    1) Please check your One Note/email and respond to me via email.
    2) Complete and pass at least one i-Ready topic each week.
    3) Complete any quiz corrections and/or Weekly Reviews that were not turned in during Q3. Please email me if you have completed this so that I know what to check.

    Ms. Drucker--Math           Happy Math Guy



    Period 1:     (1) Weekly review assignment due Fri 11/15.

                       (2)  Do problems 11-15 from notes for Thursday 11/14.

    Period 5:       (1)  See Period 1.


    Period 6:     (1)  See Period 1.


                               Fore Comic

    Mrs. Flook

    8th Grade American History 

    Google Classroom - https://classroom.google.com/h

    Gradebook Portals - https://blasd.crportals.studentinformation.systems/ 


    Language Arts- Mrs. Mayse


    Ongoing Homework:

    45 minutes of Membean practice is required every Friday. 

    Membean login:  first name_last name_bloom

            Password:  7 digit student #


    45 minutes of iReady practice is required each week. If you are absent on the days we complete iReady, it is your responsibility to make this up!



    ***Membean due February 7