A Message from Superintendent Dr. Wheeler

  • As a parent of a daughter with Juvenile diabetes, not a moment goes by in our days when I do not think about our guiding program question, what if we wanted for all kids, what we want for our own kids?  As an administrative team, our work is guided daily by the reality individuals who are members of a vulnerable population face, and the decisions that they and their families must make.  From building principals and operations and maintenance, we are confident that we can minimize health risks and provide some semblance of a new normal for our kids, our community and for all of you.

    Still, there are those among us who have difficult decisions to make. Whether a child, a spouse or partner, or ourselves, there are underlying health conditions that keep us awake every day.  We have to ask ourselves what is the best course for my family? For Me?

    Some of the steps we are taking to help you make this difficult decisions

    • Community Connection: We have updated our closure connection site to become our community connection page.  Here you can find videos, draft plans, and links to the PDE guidance that frames our work.
    • Community Forums/Small Group Sharing Sessions: With the July 15, 2020 guidance from the Governor, we have shifted our community forums to small sharing sessions.  Our goal is to have the necessary dialogue to both inform our plans and aid your decision making.  Given space restrictions these will take place over the next four weeks.
    • Dedicated Email Address: We have created the email address blendedlearning@bloomsd.k12.pa.us to create one targeted location for people to ask questions and pose comments.  This site is managed multiple times each day.

    Our goal is to present our final plan for re-opening for board approval on August 3, 2020.  We fully appreciate that our situation evolves daily and it is hard to know what next week, much less August 24 has in store for us.  Please know that all of us are committed to our kids and our community and we will continue working for the best possible outcomes we can.

    It is our true hope that all of you and your families are healthy and safe, physically, mentally and emotionally in these rapidly changing times of high stress and high anxiety.

    We truly wish you all the best,

    Donald W. Wheeler, Superintendent


    Draft Health and Safety Plan Development

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