Why has the Parent Co-op decided to do this large fundraiser instead of several smaller ones?

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  • Three reasons:
  • Logistics and Volunteer assistance: It is difficult to manage several fundraisers throughout the year.  It is difficult for volunteers to participate in multiple fundraising events throughout the year as we all have busy schedules.
  • Better return on community donations. Typically, Parent Co-op receives anywhere from 25%-40% of fund through other fundraising efforts.  So, in order to raise the optimal amount of funds needed to continue to support all activities and events offered to the students, a family would have needed to sell between $250-$400 worth of merchandise! We are hoping to save our families hundreds of dollars while providing the same high-quality programs for our students!
  • Many parents have expressed, “Can’t I just write you a check?” The effort and time required to solicit funds from family and friends is exhausting, especially when you are asked to do it month after month after month! Now, we hope to have it done in one single, Herculean effort!