Health and Safety Plan Revision

Health and Safety Plan Revision

On February 7, 2022, the Bloomsburg Area School Board of Directors voted on and passed changes to our District’s Health and Safety Plan. Beginning tomorrow, Wednesday February 9, 2022, the Bloomsburg Area School District will institute two significant changes: 

  1. Masks are recommended, but optional, for all students, staff, and visitors to the buildings. 
  2. The District will only conduct contact tracing and quarantining for either symptomatic students or non-vaccinated students who share residence, either part- or full-time, with another student who has tested positive for COVID-19 from whom they cannot separate. 

It is important to note that school personnel, including staff, faculty and administration, will not be responsible for monitoring any students’ wearing of masks beginning tomorrow. In addition, Federal guidelines still require universal masking on our school buses. 

With these changes, the District is reserving the right to temporarily require masks, for a period of five days, within buildings if there is evidence that transmission is occurring in the normal school environment. The District will continue to monitor the number and percentage of positive COVID-19 cases in each building and will initiate an inquiry to determine if in-school transmissions are apparent if any particular building reaches a 5% rate of positive cases amongst the entire building population.  

In an effort to provide clarity, an outline of this decision-making process is provided: 

  • Percentage of positive cases in a particular building reaches 5% 
  • District Administration, in conjunction with District Health Care Professionals, begins the inquiry of whether or not there is evidence of in-school based transmission 
  • If there is evidence of in-school based transmission, decision is made to temporarily mask for 5 days 
  • Communication will be delivered, via One Call and website, to inform school population of temporary masking plan with effective dates and expectations 

Thank you for your cooperation and resilience throughout what has been a very challenging time in education. 


To view the district's revised health and safety plan in its entirety, please click HERE.


To view the quarantine and isolation table, please click HERE.