Welcome to Mrs. Yeager’s Second Grade Classroom!

    Room 107

    Memorial Elementary School

    Email: myeager@bloomsd.k12.pa.us


    6 Day Schedule

    Day 1- Reading Buddies

    Day 2- Music

    Day 3- Gym (wear sneakers)

    Day 4- Library (bring library book)

    Day 5- No special

    Day 6- Art



    Major Skills worked on:

    Making inferences

    Drawing conclusions

    Making predictions

    Story Elements

    Cause and Effect

    Character traits

    Point of view

    Main Idea

    Guided Reading Groups-

    Students will meet with me on a daily basis. They will read and discuss stories appropriate to their individual guided reading level.  Guided reading groups are fluid and based on individual needs.


    The big ideas for Math in Second Grade are:

    • Number basics, place value, comparing and ordering numbers

    • Addition and Subtraction Without Regrouping

    • Geometry and Fractions

    • Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping

    • Measurement

    • Telling Time

    • Data and Graphs

    • Multiplication and Division







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