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  • February 15, 2018

    You were no doubt shocked and disturbed by the school shooting yesterday in Florida.  We spent last evening watching news programs and reading articles to find the latest information. The entire community of Parkland is in our thoughts as we begin our school day.


    We recognize that when we see images like this play out in other places, we often consider what might happen here. We took seriously our community’s concerns in the fall and created a list of district safety recommendations. Although they have been shared previously, the link is found below for your review.

    District Safety Recommendations


    In addition, we would like to update everyone on our progress with these items.

    ·         Vulnerability Study: The Pennsylvania State Police Risk & Vulnerability Assessment Team is scheduled to assess our high school complex in March. In addition to evaluating our current floor plan, the team will also have access to the proposed capital project plans for review. Following the assessment, they will share a report with our district that includes safety recommendations. Click here to view a brochure describing their program.

    ·         Administrative Threat Assessment Procedures: These updated procedures were shared with the board as scheduled. They have not yet been approved but are scheduled to be revisited in April.

    ·         External Outreach and Professional Development & Faculty and Staff Training: We are tentatively scheduled to have Corporal Ott from the Pennsylvania State Police conduct an Active Shooter presentation on August 17, 2018. In addition, I requested that the CSIU consider facilitating Alert Lockdown Inform Counter Evacuate (ALICE) Training for local schools. It is on the agenda for our Principals’ Networking Meeting today at my request. I will share additional information on this as I receive it.

    ·         Pennsylvania State Constables: We continue to receive full-day coverage and extra-curricular event coverage at the secondary complex by a Pennsylvania State Constable.

    ·         Guidance Counselors: At yesterday's faculty meeting, I shared that we have added an substitute guidance counselor in the secondary complex for the remainder of this year in order to support the work we are doing. He will present his social media research with our faculty in March. In addition, he will be meeting with eighth grade students for the remainder of this school year in order to ease their transition to the high school next year.


    If you have any questions regarding this update or any other safety-related issue, please share it with me. There is no greater objective for our schools than to keep our school community safe.


    Melissa A. Day,

    BHS Principal



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