• Being a parent is the most important and Family Center sometimes the hardest job you will ever have.  It's stressful for all of us!

    You want what is best for your children: good health, a good education, safety, and hope for a bright future. Columbia-Montour Family Center offers a free and voluntary program that helps moms and dads have reasonable expectations at every stage in development.

    Offerings Available:

    Fatherhood Activities
    Every quarter, an event is held that focuses on fathers and their children. Some activities in the past have included Dinosaurs and Dads, Tool Time with Dad, Ranger Judy at Ricketts Glenn, and Stepping Stones.

    Time Limited Family Reunification
    Time Limited Family Reunification (TLFR) is a voluntary out-of-home placement service that addresses the concerns of families whose children are in out-of-home placement. Families will work side-by-side with TLFR staff to make necessary changes. You can expect speedier return of children, weekly home visits/phone calls from staff, TLFR staff member to attend visits with you and your family, a referral network to help you find appropriate programs/services to meet your needs, a positive support system for you and your family, and weekly updates to your caseworker on your progress.

    Children’s Trust Fund
    Services given to family day care providers that include up to 6 hours of PQA training, home visits, lending libraries, and opportunities for family day care providers to meet and discuss difficulties as well as strengths.

    Child Focused Parenting
    CFP is a three hour interactive class focused on how effective parenting during this time of transition can lessen the negative impact of divorce and parental separation on children. Whatever stage of divorce you may be in, this class will offer you tools and information to help you move your family through this period of significant change. The course is taught once a month at both the Columbia County 911 Center in Bloomsburg and the Berwick Family Center. Cost is $45 cash or money order in advance.

    Juvenile Probation Workshops
    The Strengthening Families Program is a parent, youth, and family skills-building curriculum designed to prevent teen substance abuse and other behavior problems. It is delivered in 7 sessions using realistic videos, role-playing, discussions, learning games and family projects. The Strengthening Families Program shows parents how to set appropriate limits while showing affection and support to their children. Each session is 2 hours long.

    Parent Classes
    Each month the Family Centers offer three general classes within the county. These classes are appropriate for parents with children of all ages. Classes range from Helping your children Develop Values, Harmony at Home, Managing your child for Good Behavior, Communicating with your Youth, How to Help your Child Deal with Peer Pressure, etc. Classes are offered free of charge to individuals referred by their caseworker or the courts. No prior registration is required.

    Budget Workshop
    Periodically budgeting sessions are offered during the general class sessions. Participants are given skills such as how to manage a checkbook, appropriate use of credit, create a budget, etc. Budgeting workshops are offered twice a year in the community.

    Family Group Decision Making
    Family group decision making is a voluntary process that brings friends and family together to create a plan to insure the safety of children. It is a conference held on one day with caring members of the family. It brings all of the strengths of the family and friends to the table to create their own plan to insure safety and provide permanency.

    Fatherhood Baby Basics
    Baby Basics is a four session course designed to provide new and expecting fathers with the basic skills necessary to raise a baby through the first year of life. The course will provide Fathers with demonstrations and hands on activities to increase their confidence in performing daily tasks such as bathing, feeding, and diapering.