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    Welcome to Mrs. Hintz's


    7th Grade Language Arts Class


    Phone: (570) 784-9100, ext. 5207



    Areas of Focus

    *Literature/Reading: You will read every day!
    short stories, non-fiction, fiction, poetry, drama, essays
    *Writing: You will write every day!
    essays, research reports, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, literature analyses, summaries, journals
    Individual and group projects based on thematic units, book report projects
    (The honors class will write a children's book for a 1st grader.)
    *Vocabulary/Spelling through Membean
    *Communication Skills


    *Two sharpened pencils
    *3-ring binder to organize assignments
    *Class-specific color folders (provided)
    *Writing Journal (provided)
    **Always have a book!

    Check Google Classroom regularly! 

Last Modified on August 19, 2019