The Parent Co-Op, with the help of a local naturalist, the PA. Game Commission, the PA. Department of Agriculture, and the PA. Department of Forestry, created this unique area to provide an opportunity for students to learn about nature as they explore the school's adjoining woodland.   Students are encouraged to use their senses as they personally experience the forested area of the school grounds. 
    In addition to an outdoor classroom and a walking trail, several learning stations were built; 
    • a sand plot reveals recent animal tracks  
    • a weather station gives details of the atmosphere
    • a butterfly garden adds beauty and perks curiosity
    • an herb garden teases the senses
    • a large pavilion houses several picnic tables
    • more than 20 trees are tagged for identification
       The success of this endeavor is proven with the fact that students from other schools also visit the Nature Trail as part of their outdoor education curriculum.  Students also benefit by developing an awareness for the need to protect the environment and to actively practice conservation.
       The Parent Co-Op encourages families to visit the Nature Trail.  They have provided a study guide, that includes a map, to make it easier for everyone to locate the stations and navigate the trail.  A few booklets are stored at the pavilion for the convenience of visitors.  Here is an opportunity for adults to experience the great outdoors with their children.
    PLEASE NOTE: Although we offer the use of the Nature Trail during off-school hours, we require all children to be accompanied and supervised by an adult.