• BAHS Marching Band

    The Bloomsburg Area Marching Band is a co-curricular class. It begins with a pre-camp in mid-July, continues with band camp in early August and throughout the fall. The BAHS Marching Band participates in the Tournament of Bands Competitions, performs at all football games, and several parades in the community. Please contact Mr. Marmo with any questions. 


    Competitions and Show Information

    Due to COVID-19, the Tournament of Bands has adjusted their season. Atlantic Coast Championships has been canceled. All bands will participat in an exhibition style. There is no "Open" or "A" class for this year. The BAHS Marching Band will not travel to competitions and will submit video recordings of the performance for educational feedback from the adjudication committees. 


    Show Recordings

    We are proud to present "The Sond of Simon" feature music of Paul Simon. Show songs include: "Bride Over Trouble Water", "You Can Call Me Al", "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover", "Still Crazy After All These Years", and "The Sound of Silence".

    Recordings of the show music:


    Show Sheet Music

    Students can find their copy of the music below. Hard copies will be supplied during the summer rehearsals and band camp.

    Print the part you need by selecting the page you need. There are 3 seperate songs to print out. We have the hard copies at school. Only print what you need for your instrument.

    This year, we will hold show design meetings for next year's show. The theme for next year will be what was planned for this year: "Tribes". All students, even Seniors are welcome to help design the show and put your stamp on something for the next group.  


    2020 Show Drill

    Take a look at the videos of our drill: 


    Pre-Camp Days

    This year, due to the uncertainty of the season, these days are not mandatory but recommended. Students should attend at least one day to receive some basic training, music, and supplies needed for the season. These days are every Thursday in July and the first week of August up to the week before Band Camp. There are two sessions a day. Attend only one session: 11:00 AM-12:00 PM and 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM.  


    Band Camp (2 Weeks)

    Mondays through Thursdays. August 10 through August 20. 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM.


    What to Bring

    1. All equipment: instrument/sticks/reeds/music/folios/lyres/drill/flags/poles/rifles/etc.
    2. Drill/Dot book and music - always. Yes, this is listed twice. You will receive drill/dot book on the first day of band camp. 
    3. Pencils/highlighters for your drill coordinates
    4. Water bottle/canteen for on-field practices
    5. Eat breakfast before morning rehearsals!
    6. Comfortable weather appropriate clothes. See school guidelines on dress code and check the weather to plan accordingly.
    7. Appropriate footwear: athletic socks and gym shoes - no flip flops! 
    8. Hat(s) to block sun exposure (wind players especially should wear one to avoid sunburned lips which will affect your playing)
    9. Sunglasses and sunscreen
    10. Insect repellant
    11. Snacks - Any food items should be sent in re-sealable plastic containers or Ziploc bags.


    After School Rehearsal Schedule (During the Football Season)

    • Drum Line Sectional Rehearsal: TBD
    • Color Guard Sectional Rehearsal: Wednesday Nights



    Attendance Policy

    Commitment and regular attendance are necessary for the success of any performing organization. Any absence, regardless of reason, causes innumerable difficulties for fellow band members and invariably requires repeated instruction and drilling for everyone at later rehearsals. When a student is absent, they are responsible for all work missed. Please see a friend/peer and/or Mr. Marmo for help.

    Attendance from Band Camp to the End of the School Year

    1. Band is a co-curricular course. Attendance is mandatory for band camp and practices throughout the fall season. The only excused absences are illness, medical, and religious. Students involved with a sport should meet with Mr. Marmo to discuss conflicts.
    2. Vacations and part time jobs are not valid excuses to be used during band camp, the fall season, or any required performances.
    3. Required performances – Any performance listed on the band schedule is considered a required performance. This includes all parades, football games, concerts, and marching competitions.
    4. Failure to attend a required performance without an approved excuse will result is a reduction of your quarter grade and loss of class award at the band banquet.
    5. If for any reason you miss the last rehearsal prior to a performance you may not be able to march that performance. This is for safety issues. If we change something and you miss it a dangerous situation might occur.


    Excused Absences

    1. Illness or emergency absences - Please try to contact Mr. Marmo by phone and bring a note to Mr. Marmo the next school day or the next band activity. Any unnotified absence from a performance due to illness will require a doctor’s note or the absence will not be excused and result as a zero.
    2. Absence due to schedule conflicts with other school activities such as athletics will be excused only if Mr. Marmo is notified and it is approved in advance. If it is possible to attend both activities, you should attend both activities.
    3. An excuse signed by a parent must be submitted to Mr. Marmo as soon as possible prior to the rehearsal or performance and must be approved by the director. Other than in the case of illness or emergency, which is covered in number 1, the excused absence request form should be turned in a minimum of one week prior to a rehearsal and two weeks prior to a performance.

    Marching Band Syllabus: 2019-2020 BAHS Marching Band Syllabus (To be Updated)

    The 2020-2021 Section Leaders:

    Clarinet  Section Leader (Concertmaster) Brooke Garman
    Saxophone Section Leader Tyler Stout
    High Brass (trumpet and french horn) Section Leader Emma Weaver
    Low Brass (trombone, euphonium, tuba) Section Leader Abby Burrell
    Drum Line Section Leader Josh Woodley
    Front Section Leader Andrew DiRienzo
    Guard Captains Maria Bagnata and Christina Vo 
    Guard Manager Hailey Miller


    Senior Ads for the Football Program

    See the following form for more information: Senior Ads


    Current Video of the Marching Band's Progress:

    Last Run-Through at Band Camp - Opener