• Wordle Activities
    1.  Choose a theme.  Some ideas are animals, sports, seasons, people, etc. 
    2.  Create a list of words that you associate with your theme.  If you really like a word, list it a few times! 
    3.  Go to www.wordle.net
    4.  Choose to create a new wordle. 
    5.  Enter your words into the box.  Repeat the ones you think are the best several times. 
    6.  Check GO. 
    7.  Your wordle should be created!  You can change the font, colors yourself or check randomize to have the computer do it for you. 
    8.  Choose to print your wordle.  You will have to check YES in two boxes before printing.  Make sure you are printing to M217. 
    9.  Show your wordle to your Miss Smith!