• Welcome, ye scholars of American Literature!
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    Honors summer work for 2016/17 can be accessed via the Google Classroom for this year which is rrs87bi 

    This class primarily uses Google Classroom (which houses projects, assignments, news, updates, tests/quizzes, and just about everything having to do with the course) as well as Google Apps, specifically Google Documents (allowing for paperless distribution and collection of all assignments and essays).
    A quick overview:
    • Our approach to the study of American Literature will be rather atraditional this year in that we will examine works based upon unit themes rather than studying works in a chronological progression. 
    • American Literature falls under three categories: looking at America as a New Eden, the Civil War (Conflict with Self), and America questioning Man's morality. 
    • For further details see the syllabus.  For the original MS Word (.doc) file, click here.
    "The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them."
    - Mark Twain
    mark twain pic
    Mark Twain, B.C. (before coffee)
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