• Due to schedule changes, we will no longer be having a virtual cooking class but I will continue to post recipes and pictures! 

No daily living cooking class 11/5/2020, I'll see you next week!

My spooky dirt pudding!  It was DELICOUS!
  • Spooky Dirt Pudding

    This recipe is perfect for Halloween!  I am going to use chocolate pudding instead of vanilla and I'm going to add some SPOOKY candies to the top!  Join me in making some SPOOKY dirt pudding. 


    Our cooking class is cancelled today.  I hope you still make this!  I certainly will and will be posting pictures!   Happy Halloween! 

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  • Pizza

    I am back for a Virtual Daily Living Class this week and we're making PIZZA!  I will resend the link to all my students and their families! 

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  • Potato cakes

    It's fair time and since we can't have the Fair the year, I'm going to bring the fair to your homes!  Here is a quick and delicious way to get some of the fried fair food you're craving!  Sorry that we won't be able to have class again this week but I will make sure to put a video up. 

    Oh no! My videocut off but I did get some pictures of my potato cake making!  They were delicious!  I hope you enjoyed yours too! 

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