• English Language Arts



             Whole Group Reading

    • Text vs. Illustrations
    • Informative vs. Literary Texts
    • Main Idea and Details 
    • Asking and Answering Questions
    • Story Elements 
    • Author's Purpose 
    • Nonfiction Text Features
    • Central Message 
    • Character Development
    • Thick vs. Thin Questions
    • Poetry
    • Making Connections
    • Compare and Contrast
    • Cause and Effect



    • Informative
    • Personal Narrative
    • How-To
    • Opinion of a Topic
    • Opinion of a Book
    • Research
    • Letter Writing


    Guided Reading

    At the beginning of the school year, each child will receive a benchmark assessment in Guided Reading. This will indicate on which level the student is reading independently and instructionally.  Children entering first grade should be reading at about a Level D. Below is a breakdown of the Guided Reading levels based on grade level.



    Grade Level

    Guided Reading


    A – C

    First Grade

    D – J

    Second Grade

    J – M

    Third Grade

    N – P


    Guided Reading and Daily 5

                Children will be broken into reading groups. We will meet and discuss a story appropriate to their instructional reading level. While in small groups, we will work on decoding words, phonics skills, sight words, vocabulary skills, reading fluency, and comprehension. When students are not meeting with me in small reading groups, they will have opportunities to complete learning centers independently or with a paraprofessional. We will focus on the Daily 5 - read to self, read to partner, work on writing, listen to reading, word work.