• Bloomsburg Area School District

    Employee Handbook

    Table of Contents 


     General Information

    Mission Statement

    History of District

    Map of District

    Building Information and Building Maps

    Staff Directory


    Absence Reporting


    Act 48 Hours


    Assignment and Transfer (Policy 309)


    Attendance at Conferences, Workshops, and Trainings


    Child Abuse/Suspected Child Abuse Reporting


    Collective Bargaining Agreements

    Professional Employees

    Support Professionals


    Complaint Process (Policy 326)


    Conduct/Disciplinary Procedures (Policy 317)


    Discrimination/Title IX Sexual Harassment Affecting Staff (Policy 104)


    Dress and Grooming (Policy 325)


    Educator Misconduct (Policy 317.1)


    Employment of District Staff (Policy 304)


    Employment Records


    Equal Opportunity Employment Policy


    Evaluation of Employees (Policy 313)


    Facilities Use




    Job-Related Expenses (Policy 331)




    Leaves of Absence


    Maintaining Professional Adult/Student Boundaries (Policy 824)


    Medical Insurance Options


    New Employee Required Paperwork

    Acceptable Use Policy Sign-off Form

    Confidentiality Agreement

    Form I-9

    New Employee Agreement

    PDE-6004 Arrest/Conviction Form

    Physical Form/Tuberculosis Test Results

    Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure Release

    Worker’s Compensation Form


    New Teacher Induction


    Overtime (Policy 330)


    Payroll Calendar


    Pennsylvania State Education Retirement System (PSERS)


    Personnel File (Policy 324)


    Physical Examination (Policy 314)


    Resignation of Employees


    School Board


    Suspensions and Furloughs (Policy 311)


    Teacher Certification



    Acceptable Use Policy

    School Dude Maintenance Request Procedures

    School Dude Technology Request Procedures


    Tuition Prepayment/Reimbursement


    United Way Campaign


    Use of School District Equipment