2023-2024 School Year: ALL student meals will be at NO CHARGE, must be a complete meal! 
    Elementary Schools - 8oz bottled water - $0.50
    Milk sold seperately $0.50 (Milk is included with a meal)
    Secondary Schools - Smart Snack items:
    Bottled Water - $1.00
    Flavored Bottled Water -$1.25
    Yogurt - $0.75
    Yoguirt Parfaits, Pb&J Uncrustables, Hot Dogs, Grilled Cheese(when menued) $1.85
    All other Entrees: $2.00
    Reduced Fat Novelty Ice Cream $1.00
    High School Only:
    Reduced Fat Chips and Doritos $0.85
    Fresh Baked Cookies $.50
    Fruit Snacks $0.85
      ALL Breakfast will be at No Cost to ALL Students!
    Bloomsburg Area School District is committeed to the Students Starting the Day off Right!
    (Meal has to have at least 3 items, with 1 being a serving of fruit)
    Breakfast Items are sold indvidually if the students wish to purchase. 
    Remember you can apply for  free and reduced meals at anytime during the school year.  You can pick up an application at the individual school offices or by contacting Melissa Everhart, FSD at 784-5000 ext. 4425.