• All prospective employees must submit their unofficial copy of the FBI Clearance (through the Pennsylvania Department of Education) that is less than five years old OR their registration number, which will begin with the letters "PAE" and must be less than one year old, prior to employment.  This clearance must be renewed every five years based on the date of the clearance.
    To register through Cogent online, click here:
    When registering, be sure to do so through the Pennsylvania Department of Education or we will be unable to access your original clearance from the Cogent web site!!  A federal criminal background check through the Department of Human Services (formerly the Department of Public Welfare) is NOT acceptable when applying for a position governed by the rules of the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
    From the Pennsylvania Department of Education:

    The 3M Cogent online system currently retains individual federal Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) for one year. PDE will be working to establish a system that will retain the CHRI report for five years. Until that system is in place, school administrators who wish to accept copies of CHRI reports that are no longer retained by 3M Cogent are permitted to accept paper copies of CHRI reports from applicants that are up to five years old.  These paper copies should preferably be the unofficial copy of the CHRI provided to the applicant on PDE letterhead.  An applicant who has not retained the unofficial copy of their CHRI obtained from 3M Cogent is also permitted to request a copy of their CHRI from their current employer to supply to a prospective employer.  Applicants are also required to complete the form required by Section 111(j)(1) of the School Code (the PDE 6004 form) indicating they have not been disqualified from employment.

Last Modified on March 11, 2016