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    I was born and raised in Clarks Valley, near Tower City, Pennsylvania.  I graduated from Williams Valley Jr./Sr. High School a long time ago.  I received my Bachelors Degree in Art Education K-12 from Mansfield University and worked in Early Childhood Education for over 14 years.  Once we moved, I found the best job ever, teaching Art at W. W. Evans.  I live and teach in the same community where I am raising my children, and could not ask for more.Hi!  I'm Mrs. Miller!

     I love teaching Art.  I may not be the best at drawing, but there are so many art mediums out there to explore.  My goal is to introduce students to as many different mediums and media as possible, so they can find something they are great at.  

     ♥ I love ice cream, chocolate, chips, and babies ♥ I am gluten free, not by choice ♥ I love warm weather, being outside, and the beach ♥ I love teaching humans of any age new things ♥

    For more art fun and daily art challenges, please go to Mrs. Miller's Art Class homepage https://sites.google.com/bloomsd.org/mrsmillersartclass

    Please feel free to send me your artwork or contact me at tmiller@bloomsd.k12.pa.us

    If you are emailing me artwork, do not forget to add your name.