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    Counseling Program Services

     classroom guidance lessons 

    "Lunch Bunch" small group 

    brief individual counseling 

    consultations with teachers and parents 

    School-wide Positive Behavior Program 

    resources and referrals to outside programs and organizations


    Why does my child need counseling? 

       Children may benefit from counseling services for a variety of reasons throughout their developmental stages. Seeking help in the form of counseling does not necessarily indicate a severe or underlying issue. Counseling services in schools are designed to be brief, focused, and positive experiences for children to help them develop important skills. I use a variety of counseling techniques including solutions-focused/solutions-oriented counseling and cognitive-behavioral therapy. When working with a student, I strive to remain focused on a current concern that may be impacting his/her immediate or future success.

       Sometimes, a student shares information that indicates a need for more intensive or longer-lasting counseling than the school setting can provide. In these cases, I will work to help families seek the right counseling environment for each child. 


    A note about confidentiality

    Confidentiality with young students can be a confusing and difficult idea. Students have the right to a confidential counseling relationship, which is important in establishing  trust and rapport.  When counseling minors, parents have the right to be informed of their child's overall progress should they wish. There are three reasons for which I am required to break confidentiality: 

    • a student shares information that leads to a suspicion of abuse or neglect that has not yet been reported. In this case, I will contact the appropriate authorities. 

    • a student shares information that leads me to believe he/she may harm him/herself or others. In this case, I will do my best to notify parents as appropriate, but I must make an immediate report to the appropriate authorities. 
    • a court orders that I release information pertaining to a student I am counseling. In this case, I will make every effort to speak with the student and notify parents as appropriate, but I must comply with a court order. 

    Confidentiality in group counseling is even more difficult. I will ask students who participate in group counseling to understand that they can always share what they said in group, but not what others say. Students who repeatedly do not respect the confidentiality of group counseling and the privacy of other group members may be asked to leave the group.  It is important for students and parents to understand that when working in groups, especially with young children, complete confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.