• Welcome to Language Arts


    with Mrs. Morris! 


    Sixth Grade-Room 103

    Course Outline /Practices and Procedures



         I look forward to working with you and your family this year.  I have many exciting plans for this class and hope that each of you will work hard to achieve success in the learning process.  Remember that success can be achieved with effort.  Each of you will be expected to work to the best of your ability in this classroom and outside of this classroom.




    ·         Literature/Reading

    1.    Read and discuss short stories, nonfiction selections, poetry, and essays

    2.    Explore and discuss several novels

    3.    Learn and identify literary terminology

    4.    Study elements of short fiction

    5.    Select novel reading for independent reading/ reading logs

    6.    Complete iReady weekly assignments 


    ·         Writing

    1.    Complete various writing assignments such as different types of paragraphs, five paragraph essays, a biography, an autobiographical piece, creative poetry, book analysis, book summaries, short stories, essay contests, etc.  All writing will be kept in a classroom binder.

    2.    Reader's Response–Your reader’s response journal will be kept in your binder.  Several days of the week, you will be expected to read 15 minutes upon entering the classroom.  After reading, you will be expected to respond to your reading using one of six strategies.  
    3.  Free Journal Writing will also happen throughout the week at the start of class. You may choose a prompt of your choice. Occasionally, you will be able to share your journal entries with the class.  You are responsible for the content within your journal.

    4.    Writing skills will be strengthened through the study of grammar, Daily Language Reviews, punctuation, sentence/paragraph development, and essay formats.


    ·         Vocabulary Development

    1.  Through the use of a unique learning series called Vocabulary From Greek and Latin Roots: A Study of Word Families by Prestwick House, students will be learning new vocabulary and consistently adding to their knowledge and decoding skills.  

    2. Students will be required to view an introductory Power Point of the words and roots, complete two different practices of this vocabulary, and take a final quiz. 

    3. Quizzes will be ongoing throughout the course. 


    ·         iReady Reading

    1. Students will attend iReady Workshops where they will continually learn and grow in their reading skills at their own level. 

    2. Students will be required to complete one full reading lesson for the week but must also be sure to complete 45 minutes of work time as a minimum. 

    3. If a lesson is completed in 10 minutes, the student should go on to the next lesson until they have completed at least 45 minutes of iReady.

    4. If a student has completed 45 minutes but has not yet finished that lesson, the student should be sure to finish that lesson by Sunday night of that week.  


    ·         Communication Skills

    1.    Oral reports on various topics or research reports

    2.    Participate in class discussions

    3.    Develop cooperative learning skills

    4.    Individual and group presentations relating to literature

    5.    Sharing during Author’s Chair


    ·         Class Participation

    1.    Contribute to class discussions

    2.    Complete class and homework assignments

    3.    Participate in group activities

    4.    Use of appropriate listening skills when part of an audience

    5.    Showing respect in our classroom community




    ·         A point system will be used for assessment. 

    ·         Six areas will be recorded as writing, classwork, homework, tests, quizzes, and projects.  


    1.    Writing – All work will be compiled in the classroom binder which will be graded.

    2.  Tests – Reading comprehension related to novels/stories, spelling, grammar,

          benchmarks, and Daily Language Review

    3.   Projects – Book reports, independent reading projects, research reports/presentations, and thematic unit work

    4.    Quizzes – Pop quizzes or announced quizzes on material covered before

    major tests 

               5.  Classwork - Contracts completed, practice exercises, journals, collaborative

                    activities, class presentations, brainstorming, etc.

    6.  Homework – vocabulary homework, weekly reading logs, grammar  
         assignments, rough drafts or final drafts of writing pieces.






    ·         Everything assigned in class and outside of class is a potential grade.

    ·         Each student is required to do his/her own work and not to copy work from other students.

    ·         Each student should report to class on time.

    ·         Use the bathroom facilities before entering class.  There is ample time in between classes if you use your time wisely.

    ·         Bring all your supplies  - classroom binder, agenda, journal, pencils, erasers, etc. to class every day.

    ·         Upon entering my class, place your agenda and class binder on your desk, sharpen your pencils if necessary, begin reading today's agenda, and review homework which is listed on the board.

    *      Write all homework into your Agenda.  

    ·         All homework and assignments must be submitted on time.  The sixth grade policy for homework will be strictly enforced.

    ·         In case of absence from school, please follow the school homework policy guidelines.

    ·         All major testing will be announced at least three days in advance.  You must take the test on the day it is scheduled.  If you are absent the day of the test, you must see me to make up the test within two days.  If you are absent from school two or more days immediately preceding a test, you have the option of taking the test immediately upon your return or two days after you return to school.  It is your responsibility to see me to schedule the make-up test.

    ·         It is your responsibility to get notes and assignments if absent.  Any missed handouts will be pinned on the homework board. 

    ·         Please place all absent work in your section’s bin on my red table.

    ·         If you need additional help, please see me.  I will be happy to assist you! 

    ·         Parents, if you have any questions or if I can assist you in any way, please feel free to email me at cmorris@bloomsd.k12.pa.us or leave a voicemail message in my phone mailbox at 570-784-9100 (ext. 5103).   

    Let's have a great year!  Remember to always give your best EFFORT!!!!!
    GO PANTHERS!!!!!