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  • Welcome to the home of MULTI-thon!

    What is MULTI-thon?

    MULTI-thon is W. W. Evan's single major fundraiser for the Parent Co-Op. Our Parent Co-Op plans a truly fun and memorable night for all K-5 students and simply asks our students to solicit sponsorships to participate in MULTI-thon. Our typical goal is to raise $10,000 in this single event, of which more than 90% of all money raised goes directly to paying for assemblies, field trips, Field and Game Day, and other exciting events for our students. The other 10% is used to pay for materials, dinner, and t-shirts for all students participating in MULTI-thon. When people realize that the typical fundraiser returns 20-30% to the school, MULTI-thon is an even more impressive event!

    How does it work?

    Students remain after school on a Friday in October and participate in MULTI-thon. Students are mixed into grade span groups, K-1st, 2nd-3rd, and 4th-5th groups consisting of typically 6-8 students. The groups move through a series of 'thon'-type activities every 20 minutes. Examples of activities in the past have been: jump rope, hula hooping, gunk and slime creation stations, coloring, basketball, obstacle courses, trivia, and sidewalk painting. The event includes dinner too!

    Parent Co-Op runs this event and it requires a significant amount of volunteers to ensure a smooth operation. We've heard it said many times that the volunteers have even more fun than the kids! We hope that you will consider sponsoring your child to participate in MULTI-thon next year!

    Below the finale slide show video for 2018.  Thank you for all the support!

  • How can I help?

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    First of all, you can be a sponsor, or help obtain sponsors, for your child and/or other W.W. Evans students! Secondly, we would love to have lots of help for MULTI-THON and are completely dependent on adults volunteering their time.  You can be a volunteer, too, but you will need to have your clearances and other necessary paperwork submitted to the school prior to the event.  We will happily assist you with obtaining your clearances, and all the necessary information is available on the school’s website under For Parents>Parent Volunteers. Contact W.W. Evans Parent Co-op at wweparentco.op@gmail.com or message us on Facebook about volunteering for the event.

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  • Why has the Parent Co-op decided to do this large fundraiser instead of several smaller ones?

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    • Three reasons:
    • Logistics and Volunteer assistance: It is difficult to manage several fundraisers throughout the year.  It is difficult for volunteers to participate in multiple fundraising events throughout the year as we all have busy schedules.
    • Better return on community donations. Typically, Parent Co-op receives anywhere from 25%-40% of fund through other fundraising efforts.  So, in order to raise the optimal amount of funds needed to continue to support all activities and events offered to the students, a family would have needed to sell between $250-$400 worth of merchandise! We are hoping to save our families hundreds of dollars while providing the same high-quality programs for our students!
    • Many parents have expressed, “Can’t I just write you a check?” The effort and time required to solicit funds from family and friends is exhausting, especially when you are asked to do it month after month after month! Now, we hope to have it done in one single, Herculean effort!



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  • What individual prizes are available to the students who attend and receive sponsorships?

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    • Your student will receive (1) raffle ticket for every $10 donation. During the MULTI-THON finale celebration, the following week at school, winners will be drawn from all raffle tickets.  Prizes may include gift cards, event tickets, and various items donated from the community.
    • Other bonuses include:
    • $75 – Students will receive a general prize that will be decided by the parent co-op.
    • $200 – Students will go for a limousine ride and enjoy pizza for lunch!
    • Additionally, the homeroom(s) with the highest percent of participation at the event, will receive a homeroom award. 



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  • Does my student need to participate?

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    • No. It is after school event; thus no one is required to participate.  However, we would LOVE for every student to participate in this special event!



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  • How much money does a student need to raise in order to participate in MULTI-THON?

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    • Our overall goal is to raise $10,000 with this one fundraiser.  However, there is not a certain amount that a student must raise in order to participate in MULTI-THON. All W.W. Evans students are invited to attend MULTI-THON regardless of their fundraising abilities.  



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  • How is money collected?

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    • Students will receive a MULTI-THON collection envelope, which can be turned in on or before the day of MULTI-THON.  Please fill in the requested information on the envelope. Checks or money orders should be made out to “W.W. EVANS PARENT CO-OP" and placed in the envelope.  Sponsors can also donate cash if they wish. The total amount of sponsorships received will be “REVEALED” at assembly the week after MULTI-THON.



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  • What do I have to do?

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    • Encourage your student to talk about MULTI-THON with friends and relatives and ask to be sponsored for the event.  Help them with collecting, managing, and returning documents to school.  Also, please be sure to return your student participation and parent volunteer sheet promptly.  Lastly, you will need to arrange for your student to be picked up at the conclusion of the event (7:00pm).



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  • What does “sponsored” mean?

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    Sponsors can be anyone (family members, neighbors, friends, and businesses). Sponsoring a W.W. Evans students means making a monetary donation to W.W. Evans Parent Co-op, which will allow all the students of W.W. Evans to participate in field trips, theater experiences, assemblies, celebrations of special events, and field day.

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  • When is MULTI-THON?

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    • MULTI-THON will occur on October 15th  from 3:30-7:00pm. Students will remain at school to participate in various activities. Parent pickup, in individual classrooms, will occur at the end of the night. Parents must sign out their child!



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  • What is MULTI-THON?

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    • MULTI-THON is a single event that is made up of several short “thon” like activities, such as Dance-a-thon, Hoop-a-thon, Gunk-a-thon, Minute-to-win-it, and Ga-Ga Ball-a-thon.  Students seek to be sponsored by family and community members to participate in the overall event.



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